Board Members

Getachew Olana
Board Chairman

Mr Getachew Olana; has MSc in Agricultural Economist, Consultant and owner of Tropical Consults, Board Member of Awash Bank, a leading private Bank in Ethiopia;

Tel: 251 911 203971


Belay Kebede
Deputy Board Chairman

Mr Belay Kebede has MSc in Agricultural Economics, has served as Senior Program Manager In World Vision and Country Director of Swiss Church Aid (HEKS). Currently, he is a freelance development consultant, Tel: 251 911 415271


Amente Mechalu
Board Member

Mr Amente Mechalu has MBA in Management and Public administration, Deputy Auditor General, Office of the Auditor General of Oromia, 

Tel: 251 911 164425,


Zewide Takele
Board Member

Mr Zewdie Takele; has  BSc in Agricultural   Economics, Program Manager at Hundee a local NGO;

Tel: 251 911 840153


Dagnachew Lule (PhD)
Board Membe

Mr Dagnachew Lule has PhD, Senior Researcher in Crop Breeding and Genetics at Oromia Agricultural Research Institute, Agricultural Growth Program Regional Coordinator, Editor-in- Chief of Crop Science Society of Ethiopia and founding member of Ethiopian Young Academy of Sciences;

Tel: 251 911 813638,


Megerssa Miressa
Board Member

Mr Megersa Miressa; has  MBA in Finance, Director of Micro Insurance Program at Kifiya Financial Technology PLC;

Tel: 251 911 9 66348


Alemayehu Gela
Board Member

Mr Alemayehu Gela, has MSc in the rearing of special-type of economic animals; Associate Researcher and PhD candidate at Oromia Agricultural Research Institute, Holeta Bee Research Center,

Tel: 251 9116 78972,


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